Window tinting comes with a lot of amazing benefits and is low maintenance too. In fact, with just a little care, you will enjoy the UV protection, glare reduction, and security from window film for years to come. But, there are a few things you should know in order to take care of your new window tinting to keep it looking good. Please take some time to review these guidelines regarding maintenance and care from Window Film Salt Lake City.

Immediately After Window Film Installation

Here’s what to expect for your window film post installation:

You May See a Slight Haze: It doesn’t happen a lot but at times window film may look slightly hazy right immediately after installation. This means there is a little moisture left under the film and is not something to be concerned about. It will disappear after a few days depending on the ambient humidity.

You May See Tiny Bubbles: Right after installation, a small amount of liquid may still be trapped behind the film. This will look like small water bubbles behind the film and is quite normal. Do not pierce any of these water bubbles and leave the film alone until the full 30-day cure.

Allow the Window Film to Cure: After window tinting is applied, remember, your film is not totally cured. You should take care not to clean the film for at least 30 days. Also, be cautious when opening and closing windows. Allowing your window film this 30-day waiting period gives it the time needed for the adhesives to set. This helps ensure the durability of your window tinting.

Throughout the Life of Your Window Film

Cleaning Your Window Film: Once your window film is fully cured it can be cleaned and handled normally. Simply use an ammonia-free solution, like Sprayway Glass Cleaner, or gentle dish soap with water. Be sure to use soft cloths to clean your window film and also avoid using paper towels. This is because many paper towels are abrasive on a micro-level. You may not see the damage from paper towels immediately but over time they will dull the finish due to micro-scratches.

Polishing Your Window Film: This step is not necessary to extend the life of your film but it does give it a glossy finish. It should only be done occasionally. On interior films, using silicone-based polish will give your film a lustrous, new appearance. This will also help it resist some scratching or burnishing over time. Suggested silicone products are Plexus Plastic and Cleaner Solar Majik.

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