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Fight Climate Change with Window Film for your Salt Lake City Home

climate change window film salt lake city

There’s been a lot of discussion on climate change ever since the IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change) released their latest Assessment Report earlier this year. Climate change is happening quickly, and unless we take action now, the consequences are sure to be dire. The good news is, you don’t have to be a climate […]

3 Good Reasons to Get Security Film on Your Commercial Glass Windows

By far the easiest to penetrate part of any Salt Lake City commercial space security is their glass windows and doors. This means to get the security of your space shored up–you need to address this fact. We get calls about window films to reinforce glass on commercial buildings here in Salt Lake City frequently. […]

Why Energy Conservation Through Window Film Really Matters

Energy is a big issue right now and probably will be for the foreseeable future. Why? Because as the world’s population grows there simply isn’t enough. Here in Salt Lake City renewable energy is on people’s minds because fossil fuels are expensive and cause damage to the environment–they will also, eventually run out. While sustainable […]

Will Window Tinting Make My Windows Dark?

One thing that makes homeowners here in the Salt Lake City area think twice about buying window film is they think it works similar to shades or curtains. While blocking out the sun here in SLC is important–nobody wants to block out our amazing views! While there is a little truth to this fear–it references […]

3 Reasons to Install 3M Thinsulate Window Film In Salt Lake City Properties

Now that winter is officially upon us, both homeowners and business owners are dealing with high heating costs. Keeping your property comfortable can help alleviate stress which is crucial during these trying times. In order to better manage your heating costs, you’ll need an energy-saving solution that’s effective in the winter. Many of these solutions […]

Decorative Window Film Options for Salt Lake City Businesses

decorative window film options salt lake city

With so many businesses in Utah, it is easy for a client to confuse them. A good business should stand out among all the other corporate buildings in the area. One way to accomplish this is by specially designing the windows. Considering decorative windows film should be on the checklist for all Salt Lake City […]

How Salt Lake City Businesses Can Save Money With Anti-Graffiti Film

Business ownership is hard regardless of where you live. Especially during a global pandemic, you have to make every dollar count. This is why during these trying times, spending money for graffiti removal is frustrating. There, however, is a way to protect your Salt Lake City Business from vandalism in spots where it is most […]

The Benefits of Privacy Window Tinting for Salt Lake City Properties

Over the years we have had a lot to say about the benefits of window film in our blogs. We often point out how useful it is for nearly every aspect of your everyday life at home and work. Overall window film serves a very real and valuable purpose. In fact, there may not be […]

Frosted Decorative Window Film Options for Salt Lake City Homes

frosted decorative window film salt lake city

Finding the right balance between natural light and privacy in a home is always challenging. If you’re like most people, you want to be able to enjoy the sunlight and views provided by your windows. On days that you’re stuck inside, being able to look out your windows and see the peaceful natural scenery around […]