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Commercial Window Film needs are unique. Our collection of articles will go over the various applications and ways we can help save you money over time!

The Best Uses for Decorative Window Film in Businesses

Making a great impression on existing and prospective customers is necessary for any business owner. One effective yet cost-friendly way to do this is through decorative window film. Regardless of whether you want privacy, branding opportunities, or just an aesthetic appeal, there are many types of window films available that can meet your needs! In […]

3M Controltac Print Films to Make Commercial Interior Remodels Easy

Expenses quickly pile up when starting a commercial business– one of the biggest being the construction costs for physical locations. This includes pricey items like new paint, flooring, and signage. There are window film solutions that can help cut down on construction costs in Salt Lake City, which is good news for investors who want […]

DIY Window Film Removal

Decorative window film can enhance the look of any room in your house or business. Additionally, it provides privacy in places like bathrooms and kitchens. Another great perk of window film is how quickly it can be installed – most projects only take a couple of hours! In contrast, you may eventually want your window […]

Where to Use Privacy Window Films in Salt Lake City Offices

privacy window film salt lake city offices

Having personal space in an office is essential for employees to feel comfortable and productive. Unfortunately, if you’re limited on space, offices can feel somewhat congested and workers may not get individual rooms. Privacy window film provides a sense of confidentiality and gives customers and employees the personal space they need. Below, we’ve discussed the […]

How Does Bomb Blast Window Film Protect Hospitals?

bomb blast window film hospitals

Hospitals, just like any other public building, are susceptible to dangers imposed by the outside world. Nature is unpredictable, and creates deadly disasters that happen in the blink of an eye. Humans, too, are also a risk, and in the event of a break-in, terrorist attack, or bombing, the well-being of patients and staff may […]

Huper Optik Window Film: A Brilliant Solution for Salt Lake City Hotels

Huper Optik Window Film For Hotels In Salt Lake City The hotel industry here in Salt Lake City is booming! But just because there are more people than ever coming to stay in our lovely city, doesn’t mean that profit for hotels here is all but guaranteed. In order to compete in this city’s competitive […]

3 Benefits of Window Film for Salt Lake City Hotels

hotel window film salt lake city

Everyone’s had that one bad hotel experience that’s hard to forget. The room is dirty, the sheets are unclean, or the air conditioner or heater doesn’t seem to run right. Comfort and cleanliness are two of the most important factors that determine what kind of experience a guest has a hotel. Often times, the reason […]

Privacy Window Film Benefits For Hotels In Salt Lake City

Great Ways Your Salt Lake City Hotel Can Benefit From Privacy Window Film Privacy window film is an amazing technology for homes and businesses but is an extraordinarily good option for hotels here in Salt Lake City.  This is because hotels are all about the guest experience and expectations–and need to be for success. In […]

5 Benefits of Window Film Application for Salt Lake City School Districts

window film salt lake city

Window film application can benefit Salt Lake City school districts in a surprising number of ways. Between added security, increased privacy, energy savings, and more, we’ve compiled a brief list of a mere handful of the many benefits that window film provides Salt Lake City schools.