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Our collection of articles goes through the various window film applications & ways Window Film Salt Lake City can help you save! the benefits are numerous!

Options for One Way Privacy Window Film in Salt Lake City

one way privacy window film salt lake city

Sometimes, you just need a little privacy. It can be hard to concentrate on a meeting when there’s constant activity going on. You may not feel comfortable sharing sensitive information with staff or clients out in the open. And when you’re at home, you need privacy for areas like your bedroom, bathroom, and living room. […]

The Best Uses for Decorative Window Film in Businesses

Making a great impression on existing and prospective customers is necessary for any business owner. One effective yet cost-friendly way to do this is through decorative window film. Regardless of whether you want privacy, branding opportunities, or just an aesthetic appeal, there are many types of window films available that can meet your needs! In […]

How to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient with Window Film in Salt Lake City

energy efficient window film salt lake city

Energy efficiency is a goal that all homeowners strive for. When your home is energy efficient, it’s much more comfortable and you save money on utility costs. Not to mention, you get the satisfaction of knowing that you’re doing your part to conserve resources and protect the environment. That being said, if your looking for […]

How to Find the Right Window Film Contractor in Salt Lake City

window film contractor salt lake city

Window films are a great option for homes and commercial properties alike. They take the performance of your windows one step further by increasing their functionality and aesthetic appeal. Whether you’re wanting to add privacy, energy efficiency, or security to your property in Salt Lake City, window film is an excellent choice.

Keep Our Salt Lake City Community Safe with Social Distancing Graphics

Stress levels have skyrocketed for business owners and employees during this difficult time. With COVID-19 continuing to spread, safety has become the number 1 concern for our Salt Lake City community. Unfortunately, many businesses are realizing that enforcing proper safety procedures is not as easy as they thought. Without the proper tools, essential businesses currently […]

How to Maintain and Care for Your Windows After Installing Window Film

window film maintenance

So you’ve recently installed window film for your Salt Lake City home or business? Congratulations! You’re going to love how much more comfortable you’re space is once the film finishes drying. Plus, the savings are pretty incredible too. But now that the installation process is complete, you probably have some questions about window film maintenance. […]

How Window Tinting Can Protect Your Salt Lake City Home from Fading

salt lake city window tinting

If you have wooden or upholstered furniture out on your patio or deck, you may have noticed that it’s looking a little faded after this summer. That’s because when your belongings are left exposed to intense heat and sunlight, they come into contact with harmful ultraviolet light. UV rays are responsible for causing colors to […]

Saving money on your energy costs is easy with window film

If you are a homeowner and are looking for an easy and economical way to save money on your energy bills, Window Film Salt Lake City has a simple solution. Energy efficient window film blocks heat from coming into your home during the summer, and acts like window insulation during the winter. This makes it much easier to maintain […]