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Types of Graffiti Restoration Films for Salt Lake City

Graffiti is universally recognized as a negative influence on commercial property in Salt Lake City. Graffiti is regarded as undesirable, and it detracts from the appearance of any location, both inside and outside your business.  Graffiti is expensive to remove from any surface as well. Anti-graffiti films are an alternative to removing graffiti in Salt […]

How Salt Lake City Businesses Can Save Money With Anti-Graffiti Film

Business ownership is hard regardless of where you live. Especially during a global pandemic, you have to make every dollar count. This is why during these trying times, spending money for graffiti removal is frustrating. There, however, is a way to protect your Salt Lake City Business from vandalism in spots where it is most […]

How To Make an Immediate Impact with Metal Restoration in Salt Lake City

Metal Graffiti Repair In Salt Lake City Graffiti on your Salt Lake City commercial space is a horrible thing to deal with.  It both looks bad and could even have an incredibly detrimental effect on the reputation of your building.  When it comes to elevator graffiti on metal panels, it can be even worse. The […]

Mirror Shield: The Clear Alternative To Mirror Replacement In Salt Lake City

Save Money Replacing Vandalized Mirrors With Mirror Shield Mirror Graffiti–we are sure you have seen it, even here is sleepy Salt Lake City. Restaurants, schools, malls, stadiums and every other public place with a bathroom in them likely have mirrors. It is ugly and all too common and, sadly, impossible to remove. That’s right, once […]

Metal Shield: Protects Elevators In Salt Lake City From Graffiti

Elevator Graffiti: A Costly Problem On The Rise In Salt Lake City If you own or manage a commercial space in Salt Lake City that has an elevator, you know the frustration and expense elevator graffiti can cause. Exterior windows of buildings used to be one of the prime graffiti targets but now vandals are […]

Anti-Graffiti Films For Keeping Salt Lake City Public Spaces Beautiful

Ways To Prevent Graffiti In Salt Lake City Graffiti can be problematic for businesses and public spaces across the US and here in Salt Lake City is no exception. Although it is true that we live in a gorgeous city that is safe and clean, vandalism is still something the city, businesses and sometimes even […]

The Newest Anti Graffiti Film in Salt Lake City

anti graffiti film elevator salt lake city

Fight Off Vandalism with Anti Graffiti Film in Salt Lake City When your clients enter your office or commercial building, they make natural judgements about your business. The truth is, your office, store, or commercial building is the face of your business. Having a clean, immaculate space makes people feel more confident about the quality […]

The Solution to Tagging/Scratching Problems


Metal Repair & Mirror Repair Anti-Graffiti Films: the Solution to Tagging/Scratching Problems When it comes to graffiti, Salt Lake City businesses have as much trouble as they do in all cities around the country. And since Salt Lake is such a beautiful place, graffiti can really ruin the look of a shop or other type […]