Restaurant window film for privacy


Window Film Salt Lake City works with restaurants who are looking to add a more exclusive look to their eating establishment for not a lot of money. With restaurant window film choices, a restauranteur can choose a product that adds privacy, decoration, a jolt of color or texture, and an upgraded look for a small investment.

When it comes to privacy window film, Salt Lake City restaurants have various styles to choose from. One of our privacy films has a mirrored finish on the outside, which creates a slick modern look. This is perfect for a restaurant with a large plate glass window, one where the owners would like their customers to be able to see out but passersby not to be able to see in.

But here at Window Film Salt Lake City, we have a whole variety of other privacy films. Some mimic the classic appearance of frosted and etched glass. Some look like modern colored glass. Others have patterns, or can be customized with a message or the restaurant’s name or logo.

Now, you might be wondering why a restaurant might want more privacy. After all, passers by usually love to peer inside restaurant windows, admiring the décor and ogling the delicious dishes being eaten by people with window tables. But perhaps your customers don’t like their food being ogled. Perhaps you want to create a truly high-end, exclusive club-like feel to your establishment. With privacy window film, Salt Lake City restaurants can do just that.


Privacy window films are installed to any glass surface, whether a window, door, or even a glass wall or partition. They are long lasting, easy to keep clean, affordable, and fantastic looking. They can be removed and switched out for another style or color if you want to change up the restaurant’s décor. Best of all, many of these films will still let in the light. We believe privacy window films are a much better option for a restaurant than heavy drapes or shades.

Window Film Salt Lake City is proud to offer Llumar privacy films. Llumar is one of the industry leaders, with innovative and beautiful high-performance window film products.

Click here to see some of Llumar’s more decorative privacy window films, Salt Lake restaurant owners. If you will scroll down the page, you’ll find the virtual window film style and color tool, which can give you an idea what any of these products might look like in your restaurant windows or doors.

For more information about privacy window films, we hope you will contact us at Window Film Salt Lake City today. We have over a decade of experience assisting our clients in choosing the most appropriate films for their needs and our installers are highly experienced and professional.