Decorative window film for your shower doors.

Remember the days of the shower curtain? It was always so much fun to choose one to match the rest of your bathroom’s décor. It could be classic and sedate, it could be wacky and fun, it could be wildly colorful or white lace. Perhaps you still have the kind of showers that require shower curtains.

But more and more these days, modern showers are enclosures with glass doors. Doors that either slide or pull open. And the need for a shower curtain is gone. As is the fun of adding something colorful or unique to the décor of your bathroom. Or is it gone? With decorative window film, you can add a jolt of color, an intriguing pattern, a touch of chic style, or whatever you choose to your glass shower doors.

And there is another advantage to adding decorative window film to your shower door that you might not have considered, but you might really like. If your door is made from clear, plain glass, adding decorative window film can add the privacy you are lacking.

Even if your shower door is frosted glass, you still might want to change up the look in your bathroom. Our line of decorative window film has a wide variety of pretty options. It comes in colors. It comes in patterns, both subtle and more dramatic. It can mimic the look of frosted or etched glass, and there are even decorative window films that mimic the look of stained glass. (Although if it’s the stained glass look you are after, we recommend contacting our sister company, Salt Lake City Stained Glass, for the real deal!)

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Click here to see how your glass shower door or entire glass shower stall might look with the installation of some decorative window film. If you scroll down the page, you’ll find a virtual decorative window film designer. Simply click on any of the colors or patterns you might be interested in to see how it would look on your glass.

Can you imagine the burst of style, chicness, and interest a decorative window film would add to your bathroom? Not to mention solving any potential privacy problems. And if the light is an issue, you can pick one of our decorative films that will let in as much natural light as possible.

If you are looking to add a style boost to your bathroom, why not consider decorative window film? It’s an easily affordable and quickly installed option. And if you decide to redecorate the bathroom somewhere down the line and want a whole different look – it can be easily replaced.