Window Film For Light Pollution In Salt Lake City

How Light Pollution Affects Salt Lake City

Salt Lake sits nestled below the sharply rising, snow-capped peaks of the Wasatch Range–a beacon of human activity amid a vast expanse of Utah wilderness. A closeness to nature is what brought many to this high altitude mecca and, if it didn’t, it is almost certainly why you stayed. As a city dependent on the beauty of nature to fuel its economy and quench its citizen’s penchant for outdoor fun, conservation of the environment around here is key for it to thrive. One form of pollution that is one rise in Salt Lake City and around the world, and as such, a threat to our way of life and economy, is light pollution.

What Is Light Pollution?

A nutshell definition of light pollution is “excessive, misdirected or obtrusive artificial light”. However, a broader definition may go on to mention detrimental effects such as:
-The washing out of starlight
-A disruptive “skyglow” in the night sky
-An interference in astronomical research
-Disrupted ecosystems
-Wasted energy or increased energy costs
-Adverse health effects on humans and/or wildlife

An example of “skyglow”
sky glow pollution window tint salt lake city

In cities like Salt Lake City, where beautiful views are at the core of our city’s lifestyle and tourist industry, skyglow and the associated detriment it causes are a real problem for this city’s inhabitants. However, curbing the effects and keeping Salt Lake City beautiful are actually easier than you think. While getting rid of the lights in your house is not a feasible option, reducing your light use and masking the light radiating out of your home or business are fairly easy things to do.

Reduce Light Use: Putting lights on timers and using the lowest watt bulbs
Masking Light: Applying window tint to windows that meets 45% inside to outside visible light transmittance.

Window Film Salt Lake City Helps Stop Light Pollution

Not only can these things keep Salt Lake City a hub for outdoor tourism, these steps are easy and save you money in the long run too. At Window Film Salt Lake City we know this to be true because we work with customers on a daily basis who are interested in the conservation of light and energy efficiency for their home. As installers local to the Salt Lake City area, keeping our city beautiful and prosperous is as important to us as it is to you. For more information on how you can save money and the environment with window tint for your home or business, contact us today!

Mike Kinsey and his team have been installing window film in the Salt Lake City area for over fifteen years. As the head of operations at Window Film Salt Lake City, Mike has overseen hundreds of commercial and residential window tinting projects in Ogden, Provo, Park City, St. George, Sandy, and the Salt Lake metro area, accounting for over 250,000 sq. ft. of film installed. Equipped with an extensive background in construction and project management, Mike brings a unique perspective to every install. His familiarity with all the various types of window film and top brands allows him to recommend a solution for nearly any architectural concern. With certifications from 3M, EnerLogic, and AIA for continuing education and a breadth of experience, Mike is regarded as one of the top professionals in his field.