Options for One Way Privacy Window Film in Salt Lake City

one way privacy window film salt lake city

Sometimes, you just need a little privacy. It can be hard to concentrate on a meeting when there’s constant activity going on. You may not feel comfortable sharing sensitive information with staff or clients out in the open. And when you’re at home, you need privacy for areas like your bedroom, bathroom, and living room. The good news is, there are plenty of options for one-way privacy window film for your Salt Lake City property! Below, we’ve listed a few.


Privacy Window Film You Can See Out, But Not In

One way privacy window film is a type of window treatment that relies on a reflective coating. This mirror-like coating makes it possible for you to see out, while preventing outsiders from seeing in. Other names for this kind of window film are “mirror tint” and “reflective window film.”


One-Way Privacy Window Film Options

Covering up your windows with blinds or curtains prevents you from being able to enjoy them. You lose light and you can no longer see the beautiful views outside. But with one-way privacy window film for your Salt Lake City property, this isn’t a problem. One way window films allow you to enjoy your windows while still giving you the privacy you need. Here are some options we recommend checking into:


LLumar Reflective Window Film

LLumar is a reliable window film brand that we highly recommend. They make excellent reflective and dual-reflective window films for one-way privacy.


Solar Gard Silver

The Solar Gard Silver series is made using a sputtering process that embeds precious metal into the film. These films provide a high level of privacy while also offering significant heat rejection.

Huper Optik Fusion Series

The Huper Optik Fusion Series uses a fusion of different types of technology to create privacy while simultaneously rejecting heat and UV rays. These films are super effective and also very stylish.


Find the Right Option for Your Home or Building

Call our office today to explore one way privacy window film options for your Salt Lake City property.

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