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The following are actual case studies about customers who have installed Vista window film in their homes. These case studies give first hand experience about the benefits of various types of window film. These window films are completely different from the dark window tint you might see on car windows. In fact most window film installed on homes is completely clear and you might not even notice just by looking at it.

Colorado Mountain Home: This first couple was concerned about the damaging effects of the sun on their Colorado mountain homes floors and furnishings. They were also concerned that window film would effect their surrounding mountain views. After installing Vista’s UV protective window film they were pleasantly surprised to find out that the views from their home were just as beautiful after installation as they were before. They were also happy that their floors and furniture were protected from fading in the sun. This couple will be able to enjoy the benefits of windows film for many years since this film bonds to their windows on a molecular level.

Resort Home:This next mountain ski resort home was bothered by the intense heat through their windows, and concerned about their furniture fading in the sun. After installing Vista’s Crystal Elegance window film, this homes temperatures went down by 25% and their floors and furnishings were protected. These customers were also pleasantly surprised that their window film was actually clear and didn’t block their spectacular views.

Insulation & Privacy Film: When it comes to window film Vista is hard to beat. Reducing solar heat by 38% and helping with glare reduction makes Vista window film one of the top window films on the market. In addition to these benefits, Vista includes a lifetime warranty on materials and labor.

UV Protection Film: The sun shining through your windows can be beautiful to look at, however the UV rays can cause major fading damage to your floors, furniture, and art work. SpectraSelect window film can block 99% of the suns UV rays, protecting your home from further damage. Homes that have installed UV protection window film also notice a 50% increase in energy efficiency, making window film a perfect home improvement. Since window film is clear you won’t lose the views from your home.

Home Office Window Film: If your glare problems in your office but don’t want to lose all of the light, Vista’s SpectraSelect can help. This window film can reduce the glare on your office windows without the need for dark tints. This means you can enjoy the sun without the nasty glare.

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