Why should I install window film?
Installing window film can protect your floors and furniture from fading and help maintain comfortable temperatures in your home, saving you money on your energy costs.

I already have curtains installed over my windows. Do I still needs window film?
Installing window film can block 99% of the suns UV rays that cause fading. This means that your window treatments you already have installed will be protected from the sun as well.

Is window film going to make my windows look really dark?
Vista window film is actually completely clear. Considering your windows won’t need curtains your lighting could become even brighter if you desire.

Will installing window film make my home cooler?
75% of the suns direct heat can be blocked by installing Vista Window Film.

Will installing window film help with the glare from the sun?
Window film can reduce glare from the sun so you can watch TV and work on your electronic devices.

What happens to my glass if someone breaks one of my windows after installing window film?
Unlike regular glass that will shatter and break into pieces, window film holds the window together preventing debris from flying all over.

Can window film be installed on windows with strange shapes?
Window film can be installed on any flat glass surface.

How long does window film last?
Professionally installed Vista window films lifetime warranty covers peeling, cracking, and adhesive failure. (There are restrictions that apply. You can contact an authorized Vista Window Film dealer for completer details.)