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Read about what customers are saying about Vista Window Film.

Vista Window Film is a widely beneficial and cost effective product for any home or design project. It is aesthetically unobtrusive, yet it protects valuable furnishings from irreparable solar damage. Vista Window Film helps to maintain the beauty and preserve the value of well appointed interiors for years to come.”

Karla Nielson, Industry Spokesperson & Consultant; Prof. of Design, BYU, Provo UT; Allied Member, ASID

“I recommend Vista Window Film because I have very bold taste and love to design interiors which crackle with exuberant color. But I understand all too well the damaging effects of heat, glare and uncontrolled sunlight on colorful furnishings and artwork. Vista Window Film is neutral in color so it protects furnishings, without affecting the color of the room.”

Jamie Drake, ASID

Regis Philbin, of “Live with Regis and Kelly” and “Millionaire” fame, and his wife Joy, host of the “Haven” a decorating TV show, used to live in a second floor apartment on Park Avenue.

“Our old place was so dark; you could never tell what the weather was like outside”, said Joy Philbin. “Every morning when I wake up I have to run to the living room and drop the blinds as the sun beats down on the furniture” reported Regis on his talk show. “The furniture is going to fade unbelievably.”  “Why don’t you get the windows tinted” commented the show’s co-host. “But what about my views? I don’t want to see the tint.” “You won’t” … and he didn’t.

A little while later Regis reported to his LIVE audience “Finally we did it. The Vista Window Film people came in and tinted the windows. I will never have to lower the shades again and the furniture is saved.”

Regis Philbin, Television Personality

“As a designer, I need to create interiors that not only express my client’s individual style, but have the power to endure time. When we go through the effort to create original furniture, custom upholstered pieces and custom hand tied floor coverings, we have to ensure that damage and fading from the sun are kept to an absolute minimum. I recommend Vista Window Film as an investment for my clients. We recognize that comparative to the cost of replacing furnishings and materials damaged by the sun, the cost of Vista Window Film is a very economical insurance policy.”

Joseph A. Szymczak, Interior Designer

“Panoramic views and Vista Window Film are a perfect duo. I can trust Vista to take care of interiors while providing my clients with indoor comfort and protection. Moreover when installed professionally, Vista Window Films are virtually invisible, so often no one knows they are there.”

Jan Oden, Interior Designer