The Facts About Window Film and Energy Audits in Salt Lake City

As a homeowner or business owner in Salt Lake City, you’ve probably heard of energy audits. Many are curious about energy audits and how exactly they can benefit from them. Window Film Salt Lake City is here to help! We’ve completed countless energy audits throughout the state of Utah and can help you access if you’d like to move forward with window film. By better understanding your energy usage and potential ROI on window film, you’ll be able to make the most educated decisions regarding your property.

Benefits of Energy Audits for Window Film in Your Salt Lake City Property

Energy audits accumulate your energy consumption history in order to calculate exact ROI with certain window film products. Our energy efficiency experts begin this process with an on-site assessment of your property. We also require access to your past and current utility bills in order to put together your data. The assessment determines any specific property challenges as well as client goals for energy efficiency. Based on this assessment, we make three window film recommendations. We then submit all of your data to each window film manufacturer in order to receive comprehensive, accurate reports on the exact figures you would be saving with each window film recommendation.

Installation Process for Energy Efficient Window Film in Salt Lake City Properties

Once you’ve received the results from your energy audit and decide on which window film you’d like to invest in, our team provides stress-free, timely installations. We utilize C-Bond glass strengthening agent in all residential and commercial projects in order to provide the best product adhesion as well as quicker cure times. We always prioritize your schedule and minimize unnecessary downtime so that you can experience the benefits immediately.

For more information regarding energy efficient window film for your Salt Lake City property, please contact us!