Window tint for energy savings.

In today’s Salt Lake City, window tinting is not just the stuff on the windows of your car that blocks the glare from the strong Salt Lake sun. It is also a different product, sometimes referred to as window film, that can be used on either residential or commercial buildings’ windows to help the owner save money.

Sound intriguing? Let’s discuss this green, energy saving product in more detail.

We don’t have to tell you that Salt Lake has hot summers and cold winters. And that some years they are hotter and colder than others. We don’t have to tell you that a large portion of your energy bill goes toward your heating and cooling expenses. And we certainly do not have to tell you that those energy bills keep going up, up, up . . . never down, down, down.

So for residents of Salt Lake City, window tinting – aka window film – can turn this situation around and cut up to fifty percent off those high heating and cooling bills. Skeptical? Let us explain exactly how this low-tech, high-performance product can work for you in your home, office, hotel, store, mall, hospital, factory, or any other retail or commercial space that has windows. In fact, the more windows, the more savings!

Salt Lake City-window-film-commercial-film-1

Let’s start with Salt Lake City window tinting in winter. If you’ve ever sat near a large window in the winter, you might feel the chill from outside creeping in. What you can’t feel is the heat inside your home escaping through the glass. This means your furnace will have to work that much harder to keep the room at the desired temperature, and you’ll still feel chilled sitting near the windows. With energy saving window film, the film acts as a barrier, not allowing that heat to escape. As a result, the heat stays in the home, the room stays to temperature with less output by your furnace, and you save money.

Now let’s look at Salt Lake City window tinting in summer. Did you know that a lot of the heat inside a home comes from the phenomenon known as “heat gain?” This means the sun heats up the glass and that heat is transferred into your home. But after the installation of energy saving window film, a sizeable percentage of that heat gain is blocked. Your air conditioner will have to work less hard to keep the room cool, since it isn’t getting as hot in the first place. And again, you save money.

In Salt Lake City, window tinting for energy savings is simply good sense. Please contact us for more information about our line of energy efficiency window films.