Maintain your vehicle’s value

If you just purchased a new truck, or you have one that is relatively new, perhaps you are concerned with maintaining its value over time. One of the things that depreciates a truck’s value – aside from the mileage and the age – is the condition of the vehicle, both interior and exterior. A paint protection truck vehicle window film can greatly assist with maintaining your truck’s glossy, just-off-the-lot finish even as the years go by.

If you have ever bought a used car or truck, you probably know for yourself that you want one that has a nice smooth, shiny paint job. Not one that has chips, scratches, dings, or horror of horrors, creeping rust! So if you think you might one day sell or trade in your truck, no matter how many years down the line, an investment in a paint protection truck window film now will pay off big time then.

Here’s how this type of truck window film works:

First of all, it doesn’t go on the windows. It’s for paint protection, remember? So it is a completely different product than the dark tint you might have on your vehicle’s windows to cut glare. This product is applied in precisely cut and shaped pieces to the front end of your truck. The fenders, the hood, even the side panels or doors if you choose. It is made of a strong, self healing urethane, which will absorb the road debris that can be flung up at your car and mar the paint finish. The truck window film will protect that finish, over and over.

Auto paint protection film

And your truck will continue looking as terrific as the day you proudly drove it off the dealer’s lot.

Paint protection truck window film will also protect your car’s finish from the dulling and corrosive effects of any chemicals on the highway, such as ice-melt, or any salt or sand used during Salt Lake City’s sometimes snowy winters.

Earlier, we mentioned rust. Rust can definitely creep in if the pain gets chipped, and nothing will wreck the value of an otherwise perfectly functioning truck faster than a rust problem. Truck window film will prevent those chips in the first place.

Here at Window Film Salt Lake City, we also install two other types of truck window film, that actually do go on the windows: UV protection window film and heat blocking window film. For more information or to receive a quote for any truck window film application, please contact us today. We have over a decade in the window film business, offer a full line of residential, commercial, and vehicle window films, and use local, expert installers who will do the job right the first time around.