Protect your car’s paint

Salt Lake City Window Film auto window fillm

It might surprise you to hear this, but auto window film is not just for windows. It’s not just the tint that darkens and cuts glare as you are driving. There is also a fantastic auto window film available that can be installed over the front of your car to protect your paint job and it’s beautiful, shiny finish.

This is much different than the kind of “bra” some people protect their vehicles with. An auto window film of this type is installed right onto the car and once installed, is virtually undetectable to the naked eye. But it will protect your car’s paint job from chips and scratches, from the effects of pebbles and other debris tossed up at your car while you drive, from insects, and from the deleterious effects of the chemicals and salts used to de-ice a road in the Salt Lake Winter.

The result of this kind of paint protecting auto window film is a shinier, more beautiful car with a much more long lasting finish. And the auto window film will also help maintain your car’s value. Of course, we all know that a car’s value begins to depreciate as soon as its new owner drives it off the lot. Window film can’t do anything about that. But when you go to sell your car, one of the things a prospective buyer will look at is the finish. Is it still shiny, or is it faded and dull? Is it chipped, allowing rust to grow and damage the frame in the chipped area?
All of these things make a difference to how much you can get for that used car.

Salt Lake City window film auto window film

If you are not the type who wants to spend each weekend out in the driveway washing and waxing your vehicle, then perhaps this kind of paint protection auto window film is the perfect product for you. Keep that “new car” look longer with an affordable and quickly installed auto window film.

We also offer a UV protection window film that can protect you and your family from the harmful rays of the sun while you are driving, as well as a heat blocking window film that will keep your vehicle from turning into an over in the hot Salt Lake City summers.

For more information about any of our auto window films or a quote for a window film job, we hope that you will give us a call today. We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service, expert installers, and knowledgeable sales professionals with one goal in mind: your satisfaction. Why not protect your car and maintain its beauty and its value with paint protection auto window film?