Make Safety a Priority for Salt Lake City Transit Centers and Airports with Ballistic Resistant Window Film

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Ever since 9/11, airports have done a lot to crack down on security matters. However, no matter how advanced security equipment and technology become, there will always be safety risks. Mass transit centers look like a prime target for terrorists seeking a way to make their mark. By installing ballistic resistant window film for your Salt Lake City airport or transit center, you have help protect travelers and the staff at your facility. Window film provides airports with a way to protect occupants and their building from severe danger, including natural disasters, armed criminals, vandals, and thieves.

Ballistic Resistant Window Film: A Comprehensive Overview

Architectural window films have been around for quite some time, but it’s only until recently that property owners have started to realize their safety benefits. Today’s safety window films are stronger than ever before.

In recent years, a group of nano-scientists started working on a way to make glass stronger and more shatter resistant. After years of research, they were able to create a special type of primer that would enhance window film performance. These window film systems are so durable that they’re able to withstand extreme levels of impact, including gunshots.

C-Bond Systems are a layered system of primer and security window film that make glass bullet resistant. They’re perfect for high risk areas like airports because they’re clear, which makes them nearly impossible for a intruder to detect. When installed in entries and high risk areas, C-Bond window films help protect occupants from ballistic fire, natural disasters, and flying glass shards.

Benefits of Security Window Film for Airports & Transit Centers

Installing a security window film for your Salt Lake City airport or transit center can have many benefits for your business, travelers, and employees including
-Protects against vandalism and defacement
-Prevents forced entry
-Protects against high speed winds
-Prevents personal harm and injury

Upgrade the Security of Your Airport with Ballistic Resistant Window Film

Get the security that your Salt Lake City airport needs. Call Window Film Salt Lake City to get a quote on ballistic resistant window film for your property.

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