Protect your Salt Lake City floors and furniture.

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Have you ever lifted up a corner of an area rug, only to gasp at how much different the color of the floor underneath it is from the rest of the room? Or flipped over a stained sofa cushion, only to find the rest of the sofa had faded and the other side of the cushion didn’t even match anymore? If you’ve had either of these experiences, you know just how much furnishings can and will fade from exposure to the sun over time. That’s where UV fade protection window film can help.

This outstanding product can save you money big time over the years, by preventing fading from the sun. It’s not just your sofa that fades. The sun takes its toll on flooring, curtains and draperies, anything upholstered, rugs, and even the artwork hanging on your walls. And let’s face it, when things fade, they don’t always fade evenly, giving them a sad, worn, shabby appearance. Instead of letting your furnishings get old before their time, protect them with UV fade protection window film.

UV fade protection window films block over 99 percent of the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. Think of this product as a sunscreen for your home.

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This type of window film is maintenance free, once applied to your windows it simply does its job for years to come. But what if you want other benefits as well? What if you’d also like to be able to see your television screen without pulling the drapes, but the glare of the sun beating through your windows makes that nearly impossible at certain times of the day. Guess what? UV fade protection window film also blocks glare. So no more swearing at the TV (except when your team is losing the big game) and no more squinting at your phone, moving from room to room so you can see the screen.

UV fade protection window film is a great product on its own, but we are going to tell you about another benefit as well. There is also a product on the market called energy saving window film. This product is designed to cut your heating and cooling costs. And guess what? These films contain UV fade protection as well!

For more information about UV fade protection window film or any product in our full line of high-performance window film products, why not give us a call? We’re always happy to answer any questions, educate our customers about the various potential benefits of different kinds of window films, and give a quote for any window film job, large or small.