Radiation Blocking Window Film for EMF Protection


Radiation Blocking Window Film Offers Homes and Businesses EMF Protection

Electromagnetic radiation is everywhere in our tech-saturated society. But what its long term effects are on the body, no one is yet sure. However, there are people who are already being adversely effected, with symptoms including nausea, hyperactivity, inability to concentrate, and even insomnia.

For these people, protecting themselves from the ongoing onslaught of EMF and RF radiation is no easy task. But there are steps they can take to protect themselves at home. One of these steps is the installation of a radiation blocking window film. Here at Window Film Salt Lake City, we have several energy efficiency films in our line that also block RF (radio frequency) radiation.
Once installed, the films will block a certain percentage of the RF radiation coming in through the glass. By the way, RFs mainly consist of the radiation spectrum from telecommunications and microwaves, so if you are sensitive to this type of energy, you might want to forego the use of a microwave in your home.

Radiation blocking window films have a multitude of other benefits, making them an outstanding investment in your health, one that can save you significant amounts of money. That is because along with blocking RFs, they also block heat gain from the sun. This means your home will stay cooler in the hot Salt Lake City summers, and if your home is cooler, you’ll need significantly less air conditioning to keep it at a comfortable temperature. Conversely, the same film also keeps it warmer in the winter by blocking heat loss, saving you money on heating as well.
Radiation blocking window films also cut glare and another bothersome type of radiation: the ultraviolet kind. They can block as much as 99 percent of UVA and UVB rays. Now, you might be wondering why that’s important inside the home. But UV is the spectrum of the sun’s rays that cause the most fading in your home’s furnishings.

So with radiation blocking window film, your Salt Lake City home is protected from EMF radiation and ultraviolet radiation. This high tech product might be just what you are looking for if EMF radiation is a problem, or even if you don’t want to wait to find out the long term effects of these frequencies on your family’s health.

For more information about any of our line of radiation blocking window films, please contact us at Window Film Salt Lake City today. We can answer any questions you might have, offer a quote for a job, or set up an appointment with one of our experienced window film installation techs.

Mike Kinsey and his team have been installing window film in the Salt Lake City area for over fifteen years. As the head of operations at Window Film Salt Lake City, Mike has overseen hundreds of commercial and residential window tinting projects in Ogden, Provo, Park City, St. George, Sandy, and the Salt Lake metro area, accounting for over 250,000 sq. ft. of film installed. Equipped with an extensive background in construction and project management, Mike brings a unique perspective to every install. His familiarity with all the various types of window film and top brands allows him to recommend a solution for nearly any architectural concern. With certifications from 3M, EnerLogic, and AIA for continuing education and a breadth of experience, Mike is regarded as one of the top professionals in his field.