Is there any window tinting that is really bullet proof?

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At Window Film Salt Lake City, we get asked a lot of questions about security window film. One of the questions that we’re most commonly asked is if bulletproof window tinting really exists? The problem is, the answer to this question is somewhat complicated. That’s why we’ve provided this brief explanation about the difference between bulletproof and bullet resistant glass.

Bulletproof vs. Bullet Resistant

While “bulletproof window film” is a frequently used term, it can also be slightly misleading. “Bullet resistant film” however, is more accurate. There are window film products out there that make glass much stronger and more resistant to shattering. Some of these products have even proven capable to withstand ballistic forces, which makes them ideal for schools, government buildings, and high traffic areas.

About C-Bond

The product that we use for making glass bullet resistant is called C-Bond. C-Bond is a liquid substance that’s applied to glass as a window film primer. It works by changing glass at the molecular level to make it stronger and more resistant to shattering. When combined with a security window film system, C-Bond can enhance glass to make it stronger in the face of high impact.

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What It Offers

By using a security window film system such as C-Bond, businesses can protect their building and occupants against damage or injury caused by flying glass shards. C-Bond provides defense against a wide range of threats including:
-Flying debris
-140 mph winds

Learn More About Security Window Tinting

If you would like to learn more about security window tinting, please contact our Salt Lake City office. We will be more than happy to talk to you about the bullet resistant capabilities of C-Bond or other window film products. Just give us a call or send an email. One of our qualified window film experts will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

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