Mirror and Metal Shield

Mirror Shield

How many times have you walked into a bathroom at a restaurant, train station or any public venue, to see graffiti orgraffiti on mirror etching in the mirror? This happens all the time. Vandalism is unfortunately a very common occurrence. Not only does it look bad, but it completely ruins the mirror glass. Owners of these locations must replace these mirrors which are not cheap. Replacing an entire mirror is time consuming and not cost efficient. Luckily, there is a way to prevent these types of damages to your property. Wish you could just erase the damage done to your mirrors? With anti-graffiti mirror shields, you can actually pull off all of the damage done. By installing this type of shield on your mirrors, you eliminate the actual damage to the mirror itself. All vandalism will be caused to the window film, which can then be pulled off and removed once damage has occurred. Once the film is removed, your original, untouched mirror is revealed. This is such a great alternative to graffiti on your possessions you provide in public areas.

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Metal Shield

Vandalism not only occurs on mirrors but on all types of surfaces. Another extremely common surface graffiti or etching occurs is on metal surfaces. Think of bathroom doors, sides of escalators, insides of elevators, basically any metal surface and vandal can get their hands on, they will damage it. It’s something you hope will never happen to something you own, yet it is inevitable, especially if you are located in an extremely public area. If damage is done to these areas, it can most likely be more troublesome than a mirror. Doors have to be replaced, entire sides of walls or areas need to be fixed and it is not an ideal situation. Imagine having a negative saying or curse word on your elevator doors as customers are going in and out. This will need to be attended to immediately. This is where metal shields come in play. These shields aremetal graffiti shield elevator applied from the start, and any damage, graffiti or etching that happens into your metal can be fixed extremely quickly and also without burning a huge hole through your pocket. This shield acts exactly like the mirror shield, you just peel off the metal shield and with it comes all of the unwanted words and designs. In the long run, it is so cost and time efficient you will be happy you invested in it from the start.

Glass Shield

Have you ever tried to make a sign, poster or map look more aesthetically appealing by adding a layer of glass on top of graffiti shield metal signit? This not only protects the paper or poster underneath, but it looks better to the naked eye. Unfortunately, as you try to make things look better for others, some one may try to write on or etch on your glass. This can quickly cause the protective glass to look cheap and not taken care of when vandalism occurs on it. Think of all of the places you have been where you see tiny damages to glass shields. It is a common occurrence, especially if you live in an urban area. Although you cannot eliminate the damage, you can certainly prevent having to replace the entire glass protective shield on areas. By installing a glass shield on top of your glass, you have an easy fix when damages occur. Simply pull and peel away all of your graffiti or vandalism. It’s as easy as that!

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