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C-Bond, a Scientifically Advanced Solution for Glass Window Protection in Salt Lake City

You would never want anything unfortunate to happen to your building or its occupants. That’s why you want a high performing security system that provides protection you can count on if a dangerous situation presents itself. Luckily for you, there’s C-Bond solution, a glass protection product created on the basis of advanced scientific research. C-Bond can protect your Salt Lake City home or business from harm and keep what matters most to you safe during even the most extreme danger.

C-Bond Solution, Nanotechnology in Action

What is C-Bond? It’s a water-based, non-toxic, and eco-friendly solution that’s designed to strengthen glass surfaces for increased safety and security. It was developed based on extensive research in the field of nanotechnology, which is scientific engineering conducted at the molecular level.

How It Works

C-Bond is a liquid substance that can be applied directly to glass and window film products. It works by penetrating deep into the pores of glass and reconfiguring the microscopic fibers of its structure to resemble a hybrid spiderweb framework. This provides the glass with the optimal level of durability and resistance.

Unbeatable Defense 24-Hours a Day

With C-Bond, you never have to worry about damage to your building or its occupants. It provides an extremely high level of protection to glass surfaces, making them practically impossible to penetrate. C-Bond can withstand virtually any threat, including:

  • Forced entry
  • Gunshots
  • Bomb blasts
  • Improvised explosive devices
  • Tornadoes
  • Wind speeds up to 140 mph
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