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The Ultimate Privacy Solution: Casper Cloaking Film for Salt Lake City Offices

When it comes to finding the right privacy solution for your Salt Lake City office space, it’s vital to find an appropriate choice that promotes productivity and proper concealment. Traditional privacy tint, curtains, partitions, and other options may not be right for your workspace– Casper cloaking film is an innovative architectural film that offers complete privacy for screen viewing activities.

About Casper Cloaking Film

Casper cloaking film was created by Designtex as a new way of concealing sensitive information on any LED screen. This film obstructs all unwanted exterior views from seeing anything presented on your screen. All LED screens actually appear turned off or black to viewers located on the outside of installed Casper cloaking film. Great for conference rooms, cubicles, collaborative work spaces, and much more, Casper cloaking film can really optimize the functionality of your Salt Lake City workspace.


Casper Cloaking Film Benefits for Salt Lake City Office Spaces

This advanced architectural film presents numerous different benefits for Salt Lake City office spaces, including:

  • Can be installed on any smooth glass surface
  • Delivers privacy in plain sight
  • Available in 16 different aesthetics
  • Conceals any LED screen behind the cloaking film
  • Promotes peace-of-mind and productivity

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