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Window Film for Your Office or Commercial Building

Many commercial buildings utilize large windows for natural lighting. These windows work great for this purpose, however the energy efficiency aspects are non-existent. During the summer, windows allow heat in, causing the air conditioner to run constantly to maintain a comfortable temperature. During the winter, windows allow heat to escape making the heating system run non stop in order to heat the building. This causes the energy costs to spiral out of control. Installing commercial window film for your Salt Lake City building can stop the heat from entering during the summer and insulate the windows during the winter, saving money on energy costs regardless of what the temperature is outside.

commercial window film salt lake city

Experience a Rapid Return on Your Investment

Since commercial window film is effective during the winter as well as the summer, you can expect a fast and efficient ROI of 3-5 years. In addition, window film is compatible with high-efficiency lighting and can increase the amount of daylight in your interior, allowing you to enjoy an even more significant reduction in energy use. Marketing your business as a green company can make it more appealing to the residents of Salt Lake City, which is well known for its reputation as a sustainable city. With a lightning-fast return and a plethora of benefits, window tinting is an investment that pays off in more ways than one.

Window Film Types

We offer a wide selection of commercial window tinting options for Salt Lake City businesses including:

Window Film Applications

From small companies to large corporations, our window films benefit Salt Lake City businesses of all types. Some common applications include:

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