What Is Decorative Window Film?

If you have ever walked by a store front or restaurant and seen a design or logo you might have experienced decorative window film. This type of film is sometimes thought of as paint or frosted glass. Although completely different than either of these, window film can be designed to look almost identical.

Decorative Window Film Applications

If you are interested in remodeling your home or office but can’t justify the time, mess, and costs, you might consider decorative window film. This type of window film can create a completely different look in your home or office for a fraction of the cost of expensive renovations. In addition window film only takes about 15 minutes to install, and there is no mess to clean up. If you have an existing design, logo, or branding, we can use that design for your windows. Since window film is so economically priced, it makes the perfect solution for the business or restaurant that wants to advertise their storefront with their latest specials or company branding. 

If you have an area in your home that could use a little more privacy, decorative window film could be the perfect solution.Since this type of window film can be installed on interior glass windows, dividers, or even outer windows and doors you have very few limitations. By installing window film in your home you can create a certain level of privacy without completely blocking all of the natural light from the sun. Decorative window film also works great for retail businesses that want a little more privacy without completely blocking the view.

Decorative window film is a cost effective answer for the home owner that needs more privacy but doesn’t want to lose all the natural light. Blinds and curtains offer privacy, however they also completely block the view from your windows. Decorative window film on the other hand offers privacy without losing all of the natural light from your windows. This makes it perfect for areas like bathroom windows or entryway windows. If you have office windows that need a little more privacy but need to keep the light, decorative window film makes a perfect solution.If you are considering decorative window film but are unsure what you want, we can help. Window film comes in all kinds of patterns, shapes, and designs. Some of these include abstract colors, nature designs, flowers, and trees. We also have decorative film that is transparent, translucent, opaque, semi-opaque, and frosted.

For those of you who have always dreamed of a stained glass window, but want to easily change decor, decorative window film can be custom designed to look exactly like stained glass. You choose the design that fits your style.

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