Security Window Film Enhances and Complements School Security Plans

School security window films are rapidly becoming an important part of school security plans. These are plans developed by consultants who assess a school’s vulnerabilities and seek to find solutions to them.
Schools these days are under attack and administrations are struggling to protect their staffs and their children, while still maintaining a nurturing and productive environment. This is a challenge that most administrators cannot meet on their own. Every school, every university, every campus and child-care facility is different.
The most effective approach is to bring in an expert consultation service who specializes in school security. These firms give a detailed assessment of the strengths and vulnerabilities of the facility or campus, along with suggestions as to how to combat the vulnerabilities to strengthen the school’s security.
School security consultants will frequently use a three pronged approach:

    • Site Vulnerability Assessment: identifies any gaps in the current security or preparedness. This includes both physical security and the school’s existing procedures, if they have any. Vulnerabilities are identified and solutions are detailed. Security window film might be one part of these security solutions.
    • Emergency Preparedness Plan: customized to the particular school or campus, this plan includes exact procedures to be followed for any necessary evacuations, lock downs, shelter in place situations, and more. A top notch firm like Secure Education Consultants (SEC) will offer specific protocols for over twenty different types of emergency situations.
    • Critical Incident Training: allows staff to effectively implement the components of the emergency plan by hands on training with a security expert. School staffs are trained in physiological response, threat assessment, prevention strategies, and targeted violence attacks. A plan is only as effective as those who implement it, so the training is a vital aspect of any comprehensive and successful security plan


Many schools are adding security window film as part of their overall security plan. This film can keep the glass in place in the event of an explosion or just a stray, flying baseball. It not only saves lives but can save the school money on cleanup and replacement costs, as well as prevent fatalities and injuries caused by glass shattering and turning into shrapnel.
Security window films are an appropriate investment for any school, university, government building, municipal or public building, arena or concert hall, corporate headquarters, or any security conscious church or other religious institution.

We offer high-performance security films from the international industry leader, 3M. Tested under all different conditions, these are the same films currently installed in Buckingham Palace and various embassies worldwide. For more information about school security window films, please contact us today.