Bomb Blast


The security issues we face today aren’t always in plain view. That’s why extra safety measures are sometimes necessary for certain commercial and government buildings. A bomb blast can send shattered glass through the air like shrapnel, sometimes causing more damage to individuals than the explosion. Thats why there has been significant developments made to prevent this from happening.

Fragment Retention Film (FRF) is the technical term for the window film we refer to as bomb blast film. This film has been proven, tested, and has actually saved lives during a bomb blast at the pentagon. This window film keeps glass from shattering during the event of an explosion.

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Bomb blast window film is developed with multi layered transparent polyester that is extremely durable. This has been tested to DOD/GSA/USACE federal security standards, and has exceeded their expectations. After installing bomb blast window film there is no need for special maintenance or treatment. Discoloration, cracking, and peeling are covered by the warranty.

Its hard not to hear about some kind of explosion on the world news today. This seems to be almost a daily thing in the world we live in. Thats why bomb blast window film is an added security measure that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Installing bomb blast window film can prevent glass from an explosion from turning into shrapnel that can fly in every direction, doing damage to whatever or whomever happens to be in the path. This can give you, your employees, and whomever enters your building, peace of mind that they are protected in the event of a violent attack.

Preventing these types of attacks may not be an easy solution. However keeping the people inside your building protected from a bomb blast is an easy solution.

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