Security window film can be useful for Salt Lake City residential buildings for a variety of reasons. It can help prevent break ins, protect your home, family, and pets from accidents and inclement weather, and even save money on glass replacement for broken windows. There are many different options for adding security window film to your home. Depending on your aesthetic preferences and security needs, one film may be better suited for your home than others.

At Window Film Salt Lake City, we understand that safety and security is an important and pressing issue for many homeowners. We’re here to offer our professional assistance to help you find the best security window tinting option for your home and family. We’ll help you sort through all the different options for window tinting so that you can find the right film to protect your family and make your home look beautiful.

Residential Security Film Applications

Residential security film can be used to strengthen both existing windows and window replacements. In addition to providing security, it’s also useful for a variety of applications including privacy, energy savings, glass strengthening, and more.

Storms & hail: Storms and hail can be severely damaging to windows and create dents or shatter glass. Window tint helps protect against storms and hail damage and saves money on costly window replacement.

Glass strengthening: Accidents, pets, and children at play can easily break windows. Window tint strengthens glass and helps prevent accidental damage and injury.
Solar benefits: The sun can be just as deadly as any outside danger. Window tint blocks uv rays that cause fading, cancer, and premature aging, helping to keep your home and family safe from the sun.

Privacy benefits: In addition to making your home safer, window film can also protect your family’s privacy. Window tint distorts and reduces views to create an added level of privacy without blocking out natural sunlight.

Break-in protection: Break and enters are common in even the most secure neighborhoods, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave your home exposed to intruders. Window tint protects against break ins by creating a thick polyester layer that slows and stops intruders.

Tempered glass alternative: Tempered glass is a requirement for certain windows in which safety is a concern. Window tint provides a low cost alternative to tempered glass and can help make your home safer.

Security Window Film Brands

3M Safety & Security Film
3M Security window film products are reliable, affordable, and long lasting. When combined with a 3M Security Attachment System, these window films can resist incredibly high levels of impact.
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Llumar Safety & Security Film
Llumar security films can not only make your home safer, but they can also make it look beautiful too. Llumar security films are available in a variety of styles, including clear, tinted, reflective, and neutral shades.
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Huper Optik Safety & Security Film
Huper Optik Shield Series impact protection films protect against severe dangers like smash and grabs, storms, and blasts. They can be applied to both single and double pane windows and are available in 4 mil and 8 mil options.
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Madico Safety & Security Film
Broken glass can be a very real and serious danger for small children or pets. Madico SafetyShield Security Window Films prevent glass related injuries by holding shattered glass securely in place.
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Hanita Coatings Safety & Security Film
Hanita SafetyZone window films provide a solution for adding safety to your windows without altering appearances. These window films provide clear protection while optimizing glass clarity for reduced glare and maximum visible light transmission.

Solar Gard Safety & Security Film
Solar Gard’s state of the art window films provide maximum protection while also making your home more energy efficient. Solar Gard films block out glare, heat, and harmful uv rays and also protect against intrusion, natural disasters, and accidents.
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