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Window Tinting for Schools, Government Offices, and Public Buildings

Whether you’re looking for government or public building window tinting or school window film, our Salt Lake City team has got you covered! Schools, government, and public buildings energy costs can sky rocket during the summer and winter months. This is why energy efficient window film is a popular option for these buildings. However there are several other window films that these buildings could benefit from. Some of them are security, bomb blast, anti graffiti, or decorative window films. If you’re looking for an energy saving investment that can show returns within 18 months, energy efficiency window film is the perfect solution. By installing window film on your single paned windows will help them to function like double panes, and your double paned windows to function like triple paned windows!

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Protect the Safety & Beauty of Your Building

In Salt Lake City schools, window film provides critical security while also helping to improve energy efficiency and reduce glare. For government offices and public buildings, it’s useful for increasing daylight, boosting productivity, creating privacy, preventing fading, and addressing safety concerns. If you would like to learn more about window film benefits for schools, government offices, and public places, take a look below:

  • If you are concerned about the historic wood floors, furniture, and decor in your building fading in the sun, UV protective window film can help. This type of window film can block 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays that cause fading. This can dramatically prolong the life of your interior.
  • Bomb blast window film is designed to prevent your windows from shattering in the event of an explosion.
  • Anti-graffiti window film is designed to make graffiti clean-up simple as well as economical.
  • Security window film is designed to protect your windows from shattering during attempted break-ins.
  • Decorative window film is perfect for logos, branding, as well as adding a unique style to your building glass surfaces.

Keeping Students & Teachers Safe in Salt Lake City

In Salt Lake City, security film for schools and universities is vital for enhancing safety. It offers bomb blast protection by holding glass together during explosions, reducing injury risk. While not bullet-proof, the film provides some ballistic resistance, delaying intruders and allowing time for emergency response.

Security film is also a deterrent against vandalism, making glass harder to break or deface. In emergencies or natural disasters, security film prevents glass shards from causing harm. As a cost-effective security measure, its installation is quick and non-disruptive. School security film is a pragmatic solution, bolstering the safety of educational environments against a range of threats.

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