3 Reasons to Install 3M Thinsulate Window Film In Salt Lake City Properties

Now that winter is officially upon us, both homeowners and business owners are dealing with high heating costs. Keeping your property comfortable can help alleviate stress which is crucial during these trying times. In order to better manage your heating costs, you’ll need an energy-saving solution that’s effective in the winter. Many of these solutions are engineered only for summer, making it difficult for properties in colder climates. 3M Thinsulate window film offers a cold-weather solution for keeping your Salt Lake City property comfortable and warm all winter long.

The Benefits of 3M Thinsulate Window Film for Your Salt Lake City Property

  1. Engineered for colder climates: This window film product is specifically engineered for colder climates. Enjoy a thick layer of insulation that can change your single-paned window into a double-pane, as well as double-paned into a triple-pane. This incredible solution keeps your heating efforts inside while the cold air out for optimal savings during the winter.
  2. Energy savings during the summer: The insulation technology also works during the summer months. By keeping cooling efforts inside and the warmth out during summer, residential and commercial property owners can experience significant energy savings all year-round.
  3. Exclusive benefits including UV protection: 3M Thinsulate also offers high UV protection for keeping both building occupants and valuables safe from permanent sun damage. By blocking 99% of harmful UV rays, you can also save on repair and replacement costs. The leading window film also eliminates hot/cold spots in your property, providing better comfort as well.

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