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3 Steps to Take Towards Protecting Your Salt Lake Business with Security Window Film

For business owners looking for better security measures for their commercial properties, there are a lot of different security options to look into. From security systems to security personnel, finding the right combination of security measures can provide numerous benefits including peace of mind and limited liability. While most of these conventional security measures cover […]

Maximize Comfort without Sacrificing Style in Hotels Using UV Reduction Window Film

If you own or manage a hotel you know that interior comfort is everything! But maintaining a hotel is so much more. It involves keeping the guests happy by providing both comfort and gorgeous interiors they love the look of. Achieving this balance is hard–especially when it comes to reducing UV rays and glare. Because […]

How to Maintain and Care for Your Windows After Installing Window Film

window film maintenance

So you’ve recently installed window film for your Salt Lake City home or business? Congratulations! You’re going to love how much more comfortable you’re space is once the film finishes drying. Plus, the savings are pretty incredible too. But now that the installation process is complete, you probably have some questions about window film maintenance. […]

What Are the Benefits of Window Film for Homes and Condos?

When it comes to home improvements, many homeowners may feel overwhelmed thinking about renovations. A great way to add better function and comfort is actually through window film. Window film benefits can be taken advantage of by any home or condo owner. This highly versatile product can provide some of the priorities you need for […]

Can Window Film Be Removed and Reapplied?

window film application salt lake city

Every home needs privacy. But if you’re renting your home or you’re the type of person that likes to redecorate a lot, you may not like the idea of installing something like blinds or curtains that will leave a permanent mark. Window films are an alternative to traditional window coverings that can help create privacy. […]

How Much Does Window Film Cost?

When homeowners and business owners are looking into property updates, window film is often on top of the list. Window film can offer numerous benefits that enhance comfort, offer money-saving opportunities, provide better security, and much more. Window film is often a better alternative since it is cost-effective and usually costs a fraction of the […]

Help Prevent Furniture from Fading In Salt Lake City Homes with Residential Window Film

salt lake city residential window film fade prevention

Everyone loves a sun-filled home. Natural light is much more soothing on the eyes than artificial lighting. When the sun hits your skin, you instantly feel energized. The warmth feels great and your heart feels a bit lighter from all of the endorphins rushing to your brain. But while we may enjoy the sun, the […]

Help Control Temperatures Inside Salt Lake City Offices with Window Film

Have you noticed how hot it’s been getting in your Salt Lake City office? Most office buildings are having to crank their air conditioning up just to keep their employees happy and productive. These high running costs can be detrimental to any office, requiring a better way. Energy efficient solutions are typically expensive but can […]

Affordable Ways to Add Privacy to Your Salt Lake City Office Space Using Window Film

affordable privacy window film salt lake city

Working collaboratively has some major benefits. Tasks are completed faster, people come up with better ideas, and things run more efficiently all around. It’s no wonder that most businesses today prefer an open office layout. But the only downside to a collaborative office is that privacy is practically non-existent. The good news is this is […]