5 Money Saving Benefits of Installing Window Tinting for Your Salt Lake City School

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It’s been nearly one month since Salt Lake City schools opened their doors to students and launched another exciting new school year. Though schools in Utah seem to be functioning normally as usual, many are actually experiencing a serious budget crisis. According to the Board of Education, Utah schools receive the lowest per pupil funding in the nation. Fortunately many schools are finding a creative work around to budget deficits. How are they doing it? With window tinting. It turns out, window tinting can help save Salt Lake City schools hundreds of dollars in expenses.

Five “Money Saving” Benefits of Window Tinting for Schools

When looking at money saving options, window tinting is usually an overlooked consideration among many schools. However, there are actually many advantages of installing window tinting for our schools in Salt Lake City. Below, we’ve listed our top five benefits.

1. Window tinting helps save money on summer cooling costs.
Did you know that window tinting can save up to 30% on energy costs? By installing window tinting for your school, you can save hundreds of dollars on cooling expenses and improve indoor comfort for staff and students.

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2. Window tinting increases HVAC efficiency & cuts down on heating expenses.
Not only does window tinting save energy during the summer, it also helps lower heating costs during the winter too. By reflecting heat back inward, climate control tint increases HVAC efficiency and saves money on winter energy expenses.

3. Window film can be used to repair bathroom mirrors & stalls.
One of the most common damages to school bathrooms is graffiti. And unfortunately, replacing damaged stalls and mirrors can be quite expensive. But with anti graffiti window film, schools can avoid replacement costs and affordably repair damages caused by vandalism.

4. Decorative tinting options make school renovations more affordable.
Decorative renovations have to be made from time to time in every school. Paint starts to chip and fade, windows crack, and colors lose their vibrancy. With decorative tinting, school renovations can be made affordable. Decorative tint can be used for adding logos, signage, or wall wraps to schools in a budget friendly manner.

5. Tinting increases indoor brightness & eliminates the need for artificial lighting.
Artificial lighting can account for as much to 30% of energy consumption in schools. But by increasing indoor brightness naturally with daylight redirecting tint, schools can eliminate the need for artificial lighting and save tons of money on operating costs.

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