How 3M Window Tinting in Your Salt Lake City Home Can Benefit Your Energy Bill in Both the Summer and Winter

Salt Lake City homeowners agree that Utah has some of the harshest weather extremes, experiencing cold, below zero temperatures in the winter and high 90 degree weather in the summer. These weather extremes can make it extremely difficult to maintain a comfortable, consistent internal temperature in your home year round. Luckily, 3M offers great energy efficient window tinting solutions that eliminate this problem for all Salt Lake City homeowners.

3M Energy Efficient Window Tint for Salt Lake City Homes

3M offers two major window tint lines designed to lower energy costs, while increasing your home’s comfortability. 3M Thinsulate Window Film enhances comfort by lowering your energy consumption. Did you know that 30% of your heating and cooling efforts go right out the window? This multi-functional window film insulates windows in both summer and winter months, rejecting up to 97% of infrared light. Infrared light is the culprit in transferring heat, therefore, eliminating it drastically lowers your HVAC consumption. 3M Sun Control Window Film also rejects 97% of infrared light, offering energy saving benefits. Both window film series from 3M block up to 99% of UV rays that are responsible for fading furniture, discoloring floors, premature aging signs, as well as significant skin and eye disease.

Installing 3M Energy Efficient Window Tint in Your Salt Lake City Home

Our window tint experts make installation quick and easy. After a free consultation designed to help you chose the right window tint for your Salt Lake City home, our experts can complete installation within hours. That means relatively no downtime before you can start experiencing drastic energy savings. Our window tint experts install 3M window tint with special adhesives that guarantee prolonged product life while also ensuring no residual adhesive left on your glass.

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