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salt lake city window tinting

Have you heard of residential window film? We find most people today are familiar with the kind of window tinting that comes with their car or truck, but not as many are familiar with residential applications for window films. This is a shame, because these high-performance products have a lot of benefits to offer the homeowner.

Types of residential window film include:

1. Energy efficiency window film: with this residential window film, homeowners can save significant amounts on their heating and cooling bills, which is fantastic for a place with a climate like Salt Lake City: hot summers and cold winters. The product works by increasing the thermal efficiency of the glass in your existing windows. Once applied, the window film blocks heat gain all summer and heat loss all winter. You stay more comfortable, your air conditioner and furnace do less work to maintain that comfortable temperature, and your energy bills go down! This product has two other benefits: it reduces glare, allowing you to watch TV any time of the day without having to pull the drapes or shades. And it blocks 99 percent of the sun’s UV rays, the rays that cause your furnishings, floorings, artwork, and upholstery to fade and start looking shabby before their time.

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2. Security window film: with this residential window film, Salt Lake City homeowners can add a new layer of protection to their glass windows or doors. Once applied, the film’s heavy polyester mesh (which, by the way, is virtually imperceptible to the eye) will make the window much more shatter resistant, and if someone or something (such as an errant softball or broken tree branch) does try to break the window, the glass will be held in place. No mess of glass shards to clean up. More peace of mind.

3. Privacy window film: with this residential window film, homeowners can add more privacy to any glass surface, such as the sidelights in your entryway, that bathroom window, or even your glass shower enclosure. Available in lovely finishes, privacy window film is a quick, attractive, and affordable solution to privacy problems in a home stemming from the windows or other glass areas.

4. Decorative window film: with this type of residential window film, residents can add the look of etched, painted, or patterned glass to their homes. It can block a bad view, add privacy, or a jolt of new style and color to a room.

As you can see, residential window film can offer many benefits. Which kind is right for your home? For more information about our full line of residential films, why not give us a call today.