Security window film can give you peace of mind while you travel.

Do you travel a lot for business or pleasure, leaving your home or offices empty? Even with a neighbor picking up mail and a timer putting lights on and off, a determined burglar will easily be able to tell that no one is home. Does this give you sleepless nights while you are out of town?

The fact is, even with a great security system, someone could still break in via your windows. Unless you have metal bars or grates, the fact is that even thick glass is easily shattered. But with security window film, a burglar can try their worst, but they will not be able to get in through your windows. That is why we frequently recommend security window film as a terrific adjunct to your security system – one that adds greatly to your peace of mind while you’re gone. Or even while you’re home!

Once you’ve had security window film installed, it really doesn’t matter what a burglar might try to use to break them. But, if a picture is worth a thousand words, then this video should be worth even more:

This video highlights Llumar Anti-Shatter window film, and shows a man trying to break a window with a metal bat. Needless to say, he is as unsuccessful as a burglar would be in trying to break the window. This is fantastic for businesses with large plate glass windows.

security-window-film-300x230 salt lake city

We also sell another type of security window film, which consists of a fine yet unbelievable strong polyester mesh. When this film is applied, your window might still shatter, but it will be firmly held in place by the mesh. There will be no mess of glass to clean up and no chance the intruder will get inside. It’s also terrific if you have a passel of kids who play softball in front or behind your home. If you’ve ever had a softball come flying through your window, then you know the awful mess that can be created and how difficult it is to clean up all those dangerous shards of glass.

With security window film, Salt Lake business owners as well as homeowners can easily protect their windows. If you are out of town for extended periods of time, you certainly don’t ever want to get a call that your home was broken into. You certainly don’t want to have to worry about that while you’re gone.

So if you think security window film might be just what the doctor ordered, why not give us a call today? We can answer any questions and give you a competitive quote for the product and the install.