3 Leading Office Window Film Options for Your Salt Lake City Property

In current times, many people are working from home. Due to this shift, those that have brick-and-mortar office spaces need to really focus on how they enhance their buildings. Creating a comfortable and productive office can benefit everyone, leading to improved employee satisfaction and better business productivity. Whether you have an office space for your company or a co-working space you rent out to tenants, having the right measures in place can make all the difference. Here are three leading office window film options for your Salt Lake City property.

The Benefits of Office Window Film for Salt Lake City Buildings

  1. 3M Daylight Redirecting Window Film: This unique window film offers the benefit of redirecting sunlight as deep as 40 feet into your building. Enjoy lowered lighting costs in addition to some other great benefits. Studies show that this product may boost student testing, decrease absentee rates, and decrease patient recovery times. Sunlight can offer a number of advantages in terms of health.
  2. Casper Cloaking Film: If you’re looking for technological privacy but want to keep your office space open and welcoming, Casper Cloaking Film is the option for you. This decorative film option offers elegant frosted decals or an optically clear option that can be installed on any glass surface. Once installed, the electronic screens are blacked out to the outside viewer.
  3. LLumar Dual Reflective Window Tint: Looking for exterior privacy, energy conservation, UV protection, and glare reduction? The all-in-one product from LLumar offers an incredible ROI and effectively blocks unwanted views from the outside in.

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