The Pros and Cons of Security Film for Gun Violence Protection in Salt Lake City

Businesses look to secure their windows for a variety of reasons, ranging from fortifying against burglary or slip and falls to prepare for natural disasters. Recently, commercial property owners in Salt Lake City have become increasingly reliant on our business as they search for ways to protect themselves from gun attacks.

About Security Window Film for Mass Shooter Protection in Salt Lake City

Windows and doors are the most vulnerable points of entry in any building. Security window film is a great way to reinforce glass, making them much stronger against high-velocity strikes. Combined with framing systems and C-Bond2 advanced adhesives, it can guard structures against gun or bomb assaults. This easy solution can be implemented quickly for optimal safety protection!

What to Know Before You Purchase Bullet-Resistance for Your Building

Before you choose to invest in this technology, it is important for potential clients to gain a comprehensive understanding of its features and advantages as well as any drawbacks. To that end, we have compiled a concise list of pros and cons here at our company, which is the leading security window film installer in town combating gun violence. Should your research fail to provide you with satisfactory answers after going through this data, please don’t hesitate to reach out – we would be more than happy to discuss further details during an informative security audit!

Pros and cons of Security Window Film for Gun Attacks

Security window films are a financially sound way to bolster the protection of your building; they add an extra level of strength to glass windows. Despite this, there are still some potential pros and cons when it comes to using them.

Pros of security window film

  1. Protection against Gun Violence: In the unfortunate event of a gun attack, security window film can help safeguard individuals in your building. With its capacity to halt numerous types of bullets, invaders will have difficulty breaking into or out of a premise through glass doors or windows – providing precious seconds for those inside to get away from danger. Although it won’t stop an intruder indefinitely, this protective measure is invaluable in ensuring people’s safety and peace of mind.
  2. UV protection: With 99.9% of the sun’s dangerous UV rays blocked out, security window films offer protection against illnesses and fading for both those inside your location as well as furniture and floors.
  3. Protection against bombs, accidents, and natural disasters: Security window film is not only robust enough to protect against bullets and bombs, but also a variety of other dangers. It helps keep the glass intact during natural disasters so that it does not break apart into pieces and cause injury to those around. Furthermore, if someone falls or jumps onto the window, its shattering effect will be minuscule compared to regular windows.

Cons of security window film

  1. The cost of security window film: Protecting yourself against bullets and bombs can come with a hefty bill, as the films used for this purpose require advanced technology to be effective. Moreover, installing these types of films is more taxing than other application processes. Yet if your security is paramount, it could well be worth every penny spent.
  2. Limited protection: Security window films are designed to protect against numerous types of bullets, yet they may not be able to guard against the most powerful kinds. It’s important to remember that these films will eventually break after multiple shots have been fired at them-giving victims extra time for escape or cover. The exact amount of time it takes a shooter to breach through one of these windows can differ depending on the type; however, any delay is better than none in precarious situations such as this.

If you would like to learn more about our security window film solutions that can potentially reduce harm form mass shootings, reach out to us today! We are delighted to provide a free security audit and proudly discuss system choices as well as pricing.

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