3 Benefits of Window Film for Salt Lake City Hotels

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Everyone’s had that one bad hotel experience that’s hard to forget. The room is dirty, the sheets are unclean, or the air conditioner or heater doesn’t seem to run right. Comfort and cleanliness are two of the most important factors that determine what kind of experience a guest has a hotel.

Often times, the reason that a guest room becomes uncomfortable is due to lack of window insulation. Windows that are poorly insulated cannot effectively retain or block heat from coming into a room. The excess gain or loss of heat makes it nearly impossible for hvac equipment to function correctly.

Installing window film for your Salt Lake City hotel is an easy way to remedy issues with guest comfort and energy efficiency. Window film is a cost friendly solution that can dramatically improve the insulating power of hotel windows. The installation process is fairly simple since it doesn’t require any structural changes and there are many advantages that hotels can gain by making the upgrade.


Three Incredible Ways Hotels Can Benefit from Window Film

Today, window films are so versatile and advanced that they can be used for a whole range of purposes. Not only do they help block heat and glare, but they can also provide privacy and strengthen glass, preventing break ins and glass related injuries. Here are three of the most powerful ways window film can improve hotels.

1. Improves guest comfort
When your guests are comfortable, business is easier to manage. You receive less complaints and your overall reputation is better. Installing energy saving window film can make sure that your guests stay comfortable all throughout the year, no matter the weather outside.

2. Protects public safety
Window film can not only make your windows more energy efficient, but it can also make them stronger too. Window films strengthen glass and absorb impact, deflecting the energy sideways and preventing shattering. This makes it extremely difficult for a criminal to break in by smashing the windows. This means less clean up, lower liability risks, and fewer security concerns.

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3. Creates privacy
Installing window film is also a stylish way to create privacy for guest rooms and restroom areas without having to use unattractive blinds and curtains. Window films are available in many different elegant styles that are well suited for the ambiance of a hotel, including frosted, etched, tinted, and colorful films.

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