Save your hospital money on its operating costs.

If you are responsible for running a hospital, you already know how expensive energy costs can be. We’re here to share with you how you can save your facility money on an annual basis with energy efficiency hospital window film.

Have you heard of hospital window film? This is a product which is installed to the inside of the glass in any windows of the facility. Whether individual patient rooms or the lobby, they will all benefit from its various cost saving qualities.

And depending on the product you choose, you will usually make back the cost of this investment in about three years, and continue saving up to fifty percent on heating and cooling costs for years to come.

Hospital window film requires no maintenance once it has been applied, and our experienced installers usually take no more than twenty minutes per window, with little mess or disruption to services.

Right around now you are probably thinking, “Sounds great, but how exactly does it work?”

When we install a hospital window film for energy efficiency, it forms a molecular bond with the glass of the window. At that point, the savings begin. In any hospital, comfort is not only important for the staff, it’s vital for the patients as well. And temperature is a large part of being comfortable.

windowfilm vs window tinting salt lake city

In the winter, hospital window film keeps the heat inside, not allowing it to escape through the glass like it ordinarily would. This means that your heating system can be more efficient and save you money.

In the summer, hospital window film dramatically cuts the amount of heat gain a room will take on from the sun’s rays. The amount of heat baking the room can be cut by up to 50 percent, again depending on exactly which product you choose. And then, you will need less air conditioning to achieve the same level of cool.

There are other benefits to this product as well. It also cuts eye-straining glare, allowing your patients to actually see the TV screen without having to pull the blinds. And it cuts the sun’s UV rays by 99 percent as well. This will cut down on the fading that makes flooring, artwork, and furnishings turn shabby in a few short years. Not having to replace those things so frequently will also be a boon to any hospital’s budget.

Do you have any questions about hospital window film? If so, please give us a call. We’d be happy to set up an appointment to give you a quote and discuss which product is the best fit for your facility’s needs.

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