Fight Climate Change with Window Film for your Salt Lake City Home

climate change window film salt lake city

There’s been a lot of discussion on climate change ever since the IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change) released their latest Assessment Report earlier this year. Climate change is happening quickly, and unless we take action now, the consequences are sure to be dire.

The good news is, you don’t have to be a climate scientist to be part of the solution. There are actions you can take right now to help reduce climate change and improve the outlook for the future.

One example is by installing energy efficient window film for your Salt Lake City home. With energy efficient film, you can do your part to conserve energy and reduce carbon emissions. 


Where Does Our Electricity Come From?

The electricity we use in our homes comes from three main sources: fossil fuels, nuclear energy, and renewable energy. Unfortunately, fossil fuels make up for the majority of our electricity generation, accounting for approximately 60%.


Why Is Conserving Energy Important for the Climate?

Conserving energy is important because it limits the amount of fossil fuels we use. Carbon emissions are released when we burn fossil fuels. These emissions trap heat and are a major contributor to climate change. Some of the consequences of climate change are:

  • Higher maximum and minimum temperatures
  • Rising sea levels and ocean temperatures
  • Melting glaciers
  • An increase in rain, hail, flooding, and severe weather
  • More wildfires
  • Less water for human, plant, and animal consumption


How to Save Energy with Window Film for your Home

If you’re concerned about climate change (and you should be), one of the best things you can do to help is to curb your energy usage. One great way to do this is by installing energy efficient window film for your Salt Lake City home.

Energy efficient films have the power to reduce household energy consumption by up to 30%. Just imagine how much energy we would save if everyone installed window film for their home!

For more information on the benefits of energy saving film, check out this brochure: 3m-energy-efficient-window-film-salt-lake-city


Go Green & Save Energy with Window Film!

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