Help Prevent Furniture from Fading In Salt Lake City Homes with Residential Window Film

salt lake city residential window film fade prevention

Everyone loves a sun-filled home. Natural light is much more soothing on the eyes than artificial lighting. When the sun hits your skin, you instantly feel energized. The warmth feels great and your heart feels a bit lighter from all of the endorphins rushing to your brain.

But while we may enjoy the sun, the furniture we put in our homes does not. In fact, sunlight is downright destructive to the objects inside our home. Uv rays strip away all of the bright, beautiful colors we love, leaving us with furniture that looks ten years older than it actually is.

The good news is, there’s an easy way to prevent furniture from fading in your home in Salt Lake City. Residential window film can preserve the vibrancy and life expectancy of your furniture by years, keeping your home in showroom condition.

Why You Should Invest in Window Film to Protect Furniture in Your Home

You spent a lot of money filling your home with beautiful furniture and artwork. But all that money could go completely to waste if you don’t protect it from the sun. UV rays are ruthless on bright colored fabrics and wood floors. After sitting in the sun for a few days, your furniture will never be the same.

By installing residential window film, you can keep your Salt Lake City home and furniture safe from the sun. Window film acts like a sieve and as sunlight comes through, it combs through the different light frequencies and separates them. Uv rays are retained on the outside of the film while visible light passes through freely.

How Well Does It Actually Work?

You may be surprised to find that the uv blocking abilities of window film are quite impressive. In fact, some experts claim that it has a uv shielding capacity equal to SPF 1000. Approximately 99.9% of uv rays are deflected with solar control film.

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