How Much Does Window Film Cost?

When homeowners and business owners are looking into property updates, window film is often on top of the list. Window film can offer numerous benefits that enhance comfort, offer money-saving opportunities, provide better security, and much more. Window film is often a better alternative since it is cost-effective and usually costs a fraction of the price of glass and window replacement. Since this budget-conscious solution is so popular, many people may be wondering exactly how much does window film cost?

The Factors That Dictate Window Film Pricing

There are a lot of factors that go into window film pricing: window film type, brand, size of the project, labor, and customization. For instance, security film will be on the higher range of pricing since it is a thicker, more durable material that often requires subsequent attachment systems and glass strengtheners for proper installation. Window film typically starts around $6 per square foot and can cost up to around $100 per square foot. Manufacturer pricing all differs like any other product. The size of your project is a huge factor as well– a small residential project will obviously be much less expensive than a large commercial one. Labor pricing is dependent on the company. It is important to note that certain types of glass require compatible window film, making it crucial to pick an experienced, trustworthy company. Any decorative customization will cost more, depending on design work and types of ink and/or printing used.

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