Types of Graffiti Restoration Films for Salt Lake City

Graffiti is universally recognized as a negative influence on commercial property in Salt Lake City. Graffiti is regarded as undesirable, and it detracts from the appearance of any location, both inside and outside your business.  Graffiti is expensive to remove from any surface as well. Anti-graffiti films are an alternative to removing graffiti in Salt Lake City commercial areas. These thick films are applied to surfaces as a sacrificial barrier against all types of graffiti: acid, scratch, marker, and paint.  Once installed they cover surfaces of your commercial building for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This will not only save you money on repairs after graffiti is painted, but it will also protect susceptible locations from being defaced again.

Graffiti Film Finishes

Metal Anti-Graffiti Films: Metal anti-graffiti films are powerful and protective, making them ideal for any metallic surface. They’re also quite cost-effective in comparison to replacing metal surfaces –about 10 times less expensive than having it removed. Additionally, they help limit downtime for affected areas like elevators and escalators since the films can be applied within a single day.

Mirror Anti-Graffiti Films:  Unless you cover the damage with mirror surface films, a mirror that has been defaced will be ruined and must be replaced. These anti-graffiti metal films conceal scratch marks and paint stains of all kinds to restore the mirror to its former glory. Mirror films are also undetectable once applied, so no one will be able to tell there is a film there. Even if the film is vandalized again, it may simply be pulled off and replaced for a fraction of the cost of buying a new mirror.

Glass Graffiti Films:  Graffiti on glass is a common occurrence in Salt Lake City. It’s difficult to remove and probably means the window will need to be replaced. This is why before graffiti occurs, it is important to install anti-graffiti films for glass. These thick films are resistant to scratches, etches, paint and markers.  So, the glass beneath these films remains intact even after an attack. The best part is, if struck by vandals again, the film may be removed and replaced at little cost than full replacement of the window.

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