Window film installation experts

Window Film Salt Lake City is proud to offer the residents of Salt Lake the top quality and highest performance window films on the market today. We work with the following window film manufacturers, leaders in their respective fields:

EnerLogic: (Click to see instructional video) Their low-E energy saving technologies have revolutionized the window film industry
Vista: (Click to see educational video) The top choice for high end window film around the world, chosen by all the top architects and builders for their projects

Llumar: Featuring a full line of high performance specialty window films including decorative window films, bomb blast window films, security and loss prevention window films, anti-graffiti window films, and more.

But to all of us here at Window Film Salt Lake City, no matter how outstanding the product, it is really only as good as it’s installation. This is why we only used qualified and highly trained and experienced window film installers. When it comes to commercial or residential window film, Salt Lake City customers demand only the best. To us, the best means installers who correctly bond the window film to the window, following all manufacturers guidelines for each different type of window film.

For instance, anti-graffiti window film is installed to the exterior of a window. Whereas energy saving window films are installed to the inside of the window.

What are the hallmarks of a well installed window film project? According to the professional installers here at Window Film Salt Lake City, when installed the window film must:

1. Fit the size of the window exactly

2. Not have any bubbles or wrinkles

3. Not have any loose corners or pieces missing

4. Lay completely flat against the glass, whether inside or outside, as if to merge with the glass and become totally imperceptible. In fact there are certain types of window films that are all but invisible once installed. There are others, such as decorative window films which are designed to be seen and admired. And there are some, like energy efficiency window films, that will slightly darken your windows.

When it comes to window film installation, experience counts for a lot. If you are looking for any type of window film for your home or any commercial building, please contact Window Film Salt Lake City today. We’d be happy to answer any questions about our products or installation methods, and offer a quote for the job.