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When it comes to window tint, Salt Lake City residents are not yet aware of the many different benefits this product can supply. And that goes for both residential and commercial uses. Also known as window film, the type of window tint we’re talking about is not the inexpensive dark film you probably have on your car’s windows.

With our high-performance line of window tint, Salt Lake City homeowners can save up to fifty percent on their heating and cooling expenses over the course of a year. This product, known as energy efficiency window film, is an affordable home improvement investment that can pay for itself in a few short years with the savings you will receive. Energy saving window film works by blocking heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter. The larger your windows, the more you’ll save in the winter by being able to keep your heat in your home. The more sun that comes through your windows directly, the more you’ll save in the summer.

Energy saving window film is also a phenomenal investment for hotels, hospitals, malls, and many other commercial enterprises who must have a climate controlled environment.

With our high-performance line of window tint, Salt Lake City businesses can add to their security, ensuring no one can break in through their windows. This product, known as security or loss prevention window film, will hold the glass in the windows even if someone attempts to smash it. This saves you from a big dangerous glass shard mess to clean up as well.

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With our high-performance line of privacy and decorative window tint, Salt Lake City residents can add both privacy and style with the same product. This is perfect for modern offices with glass walls and doors, or ground floor storefront shops, salons, or doctors’ offices with large plate glass windows. It comes in colors, patterns, various degrees of transparence or opacity, and it can add a dose of style in a flash. Along with more privacy, you might want to add the look of etched, frosted, mirrored, or even stained glass.

With our high-performance commercial and residential window tint, Salt Lake City residents have a full line of products to choose from, depending on their specific purposes and needs. Here at Window Film Salt Lake City, we are proud to offer the finest in window films from:

Llumar: High tech window film products, including bomb blast and anti graffiti window films

EnerLogic: Their cutting edge energy saving technology has revolutionized window films

Vista: The top choice for residential window films, enthusiastically endorsed by architects and designers of high-end, luxury residences

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