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The Science Behind High Altitude Sun Glare: It’s Not Just In Your Head


Regardless of how long you have lived in the Salt Lake City area, you know that this city is all about amazing views and outdoor fun!  However, you are probably also aware of the problems unique to living at such a high altitude.  Problems like glare from the intense high elevation sun.  At Window Film Salt Lake City, one of the most common complaints we get is homeowners frustrated with the incredibly bright mountain Sun.   That’s right, the glare here is not just a figment of your imagination.   The fact is, UV/UVB radiation is higher here because, at higher altitudes, a thinner atmosphere filters less UV radiation.  So, for roughly every 3,200 ft increase in altitude, UV levels increase by 10% to 12%.  Do the math and see just how much stronger the sun is here in Salt Lake elevation.  But you probably already know from experience how bright the sun is here.  Westward facing rooms are practically unusable for at least 3-5 hours a day because when the already intense sun hits the glass of your windows, it causes refraction and light displacement–and even more glare.    All of these factors mean for the average Salt Lake homeowner– decreased comfort, unviewable screens and loss of view out the window.  Look, you live in arguably one of the most beautiful places in the US.  Don’t let glare ruin the amazing views for you–install window film on your Salt Lake City home and revel in a home life free from curtains, blinds, and most importantly,  glare!


Window Tinting Greatly Reduces Sun Glare In Your Salt Lake City Home


Controlling glare is really not that complicated or expensive.  It is about reducing your window’s Visible Light Transmission (VLT). The best way to look at window film is as sunglasses for your windows.  Much like the shades, you wear on your face, the darker the film (lens) the more sunlight that is blocked and the less glare will enter your home.  If you are concerned about overly dark windows impeding your views or making your home windows look dark and unsightly–you don’t need to–Window Film Salt Lake City offers a variety of glare reducing films in many different of tint levels. In fact, many of our films are barely even noticeable from the inside and out and our most popular films offer a softer tint that will still reduce light transmission by 50%.  You get privacy, beauty and glare control all from one film!  

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Mike Kinsey and his team have been installing window film in the Salt Lake City area for over fifteen years. As the head of operations at Window Film Salt Lake City, Mike has overseen hundreds of commercial and residential window tinting projects in Ogden, Provo, Park City, St. George, Sandy, and the Salt Lake metro area, accounting for over 250,000 sq. ft. of film installed. Equipped with an extensive background in construction and project management, Mike brings a unique perspective to every install. His familiarity with all the various types of window film and top brands allows him to recommend a solution for nearly any architectural concern. With certifications from 3M, EnerLogic, and AIA for continuing education and a breadth of experience, Mike is regarded as one of the top professionals in his field.