Security Window Film As Shatterproof Glass For Your Vintage Remodel

Security Window Film As Safety Glass For Your Vintage Home’s Glass Features

Salt Lake City is just filled with antique homes.  Once they were beautiful but now they are simply diamonds in the rough in need of renovation.  Now, in an era when Salt Lake City is seeing a boom in the economy and more home buyers than ever, these old gems are being remodeled at a rapid pace. As a contractor, you well know,  doing a vintage home remodel is extremely challenging.   It is always difficult to recreate a style from a long time, on-time and within budget.  One extra difficult part of vintage home remodels is bringing an old house up to today’s codes.  New codes have simply never been applied to the home you are remodeling–so a lot of work needs to be done.  At Window Film Salt Lake City, we understand these difficult and how they can be a drain on a contractor’s bottom line  when it comes vintage home restoration, which is why we offer a solution to a common problem encountered when trying to bring old homes up to code and that is why we offer security window film to use in place of shatter proof glass.

Safety Window Film Brings Your Vintage Home’s Glass Up To Code

As a contractor you know, most,  if not all of the glass features in a vintage home are not shatterproof.  As such, bringing a home up to todays codes which require shatterproof glass in areas of high breakage risk such as bathroom doors is difficult and often requires total replacment of “hazardous” area windows in bathrooms, windows along stairs and at the end of each landing.  Complete replacement of the glass in all the areas of the house that require safety glass is expensive, time consuming and sometimes the owners don’t want you to remove it. The answer to this issue  is–security window film.  Security window film is approved to use when codes require shatterproof glass for windows in “hazardous areas”.  Additionally, it is much less expensive than total replacement and it takes a lot less time to install.  Best of all, you get to keep vintage features and looks of an older home

If you are a contractor or vintage homeowner in the Salt Lake City area and are looking into security window film instead of window replacement for building code adherence, contact us today!

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