More home privacy without losing natural light.

Have you heard of privacy window film? Many people are unaware of this product, and many of them are the same ones who just might need it.

Imagine this scenario: Your bedroom windows open up to a busy downtown street. For privacy, you have them covered with curtains, but that blocks the only natural light in the room. Or how about this scenario: your home is frequently visited by various salesmen and solicitors, and they can look right into your home and see if anyone is there through the sidelights or windows next to the front door.

Or how about this one: your bathroom has one window, but it opens into a highly used backyard. Again, it’s the only source of natural light, not to mention fresh air, in the bathroom.

In all three situations, you want more privacy. But you want to maintain as much natural light as possible. Privacy window film is the perfect solution to these problems. Quickly installed to the inside of the glass, it will shield that room from prying eyes and potential embarrassments, while adding some style as well.

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Here’s what we might recommend for your entryway. You can purchase privacy window film that gives the look of etched or frosted glass. You can even get one that is even more decorative, with the look of stained glass. So not only will the light continue to shine through, and your home will be protected from curious strangers, you will also get a style and design upgrade at the same time, making your home more gorgeous.

What about for the bathroom? Many bathroom windows come in frosted or pebbled glass. But if yours didn’t, you can achieve this exact same look with a privacy window film.

A privacy window film can be highly decorative. It can also have a mirrored exterior, allowing a normal look from the inside. No one will see inside at all. This is a great option for commercial establishments that need more privacy. And in some cases, that same mirrored finish can kill two birds with one stone: privacy, and energy efficiency.

If you are in the market for more privacy, then you should definitely consider privacy window film. We offer a wide variety of different products, affordable and easily installed. Then, voila, your privacy problem is solved and your home is looking great.

But which privacy window film is the best one for your particular needs? To answer that question, we suggest you give us a call at Window Film Salt Lake City today.