Office window film has several benefits.

Are you in charge of a busy office that could benefit from saving money? If so, Window Film Salt Lake City would like to hear from you. Our window films have several benefits that could save you money and much more.

Let’s start with energy efficiency. Many Salt Lake City business owners are environmentally aware and interested in lowering their carbon footprint, but the necessities of running a business leave them few practical or affordable methods.

With energy efficient office window film, your heating and cooling costs can be significantly lowered over the course of the year. With Salt Lake’s cold winters and hot summers, a large percentage of your energy bills are taken up by the heating and cooling costs. What if you could simply install a product to the inside of your windows that would cut those costs by as much as 50 to 60 percent?

Intrigued? Here’s how that kind of office window film works: It blocks heat gain from the sun in the winter, leaving your office cooler with less air conditioning. And it prevents heat loss through the windows in the winter, leaving your offices warmer with less effort on the part of your furnace.

Sound good so far? Well, this type of energy efficiency office window film has another great benefit, built in. It blocks 99 percent of the sun’s UV rays. The same rays that cause glare and eye strain, and cause your expensive flooring and furnishings and artwork to fade and look shabby in a few short years.


What about privacy? Do you have the kind of office that handles services to clients? Are your offices on the ground floor facing a busy street? Are your clients or employees distracted by what’s going on in the street? Or would you just like to feel a bit more private in your office? Here at Window Film Salt Lake City, we offer a wide variety of privacy office window films, and many of them have an extra added benefit: they look fantastic!

So along with the added privacy, you can have more style, more color, more pattern, more design to your office space.

And those are hardly the last of the benefits of our office window films. What if you are in need of more security? Do your offices have large plate glass windows? Even if you have a security system, it is still quite easy for someone to smash a window and steal from you, with the alarm blaring away, if they are quick or desperate. A security window film would prevent anyone from accessing your premises through your windows and would provide a practical and affordable addition to your existing security system.

So as you can see, when it comes to office window film, the benefits are many. Which kind is right for your office?