Protect your passengers’ skin

Most people are familiar with the kind of car window film that tints car windows and helps block the sun’s glare. Vehicles with this type of window film are very popular in Salt Lake City. But were you aware that this type or window tinting does absolutely nothing to block UV exposure for you or anyone else in your car?

Although everyone is familiar with the dangers of sun exposure, they do not realize that driving in the car can present a significant hazard to their skin and their passengers skin. UV rays pass easily through glass, even darkened glass. And the damage of these rays to a person’s skin is cumulative over time, even though you are not very likely to receive a sunburn in the car.

So consider your children, and how many hours they spend in the car with you, from babies on up. And consider how much cumulative damage the sun’s UV rays might be causing that you simply cannot see. Damage that will appear in the form of wrinkles, sun spots, and perhaps even skin growths or skin cancers when they are older. UV protection car window film provides a simple and affordable protection for your skin and your passengers’ skin.

UV Protection window film Salt Lake City

Did you know that the incidence of drivers’ facial skin cancers is much higher on the left side than the right side? Yes, that is from the sun beating through an unprotected drivers’ side window, year after year and decade after decade. And then think of how much time we all spend in our cars in this modern, mobile age. Scary, right? But the fix for all this dangerous sun exposure is simple and elegant: car window film.

UV protection car window film is easily applied to the windows of your vehicle, including the windshields. It blocks ninety nine percent of the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. In other words, once this film is installed, you will not be getting almost any UV exposure in your vehicle. Imagine the difference this could make to your kids in coming years.

Why risk so much unnecessary sun exposure when you don’t have to? Why risk your kids beautiful, markless, fair skin when you don’t have to?

For more information about our UV protection car window film or our heat-block car window film (keeps your vehicle cooler when parked in the hot summer sun), please give us a call today. Or contact us via our convenient online form. We’re happy to answer any questions about the benefits of our various high quality window film products, including residential window films, commercial window films, and car window films.